Cars 3 Squishy Pop Display

Cars 3 Squishy Pops - Series 1 - 62 Piece PDQ Display

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Total: $185.99
Item #: 80625-D
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UPC: 673534806259
Product Dimensions: 5" H x 5.71" W x 6.54" L

Each figure has a suction cup to stick to surfaces and makes a fun popping sound when removed. Turn them upside down and all around and they stay stuck. Then when you are ready remove them with a "POP". Squishy pops are the only squishy mini sized collectible characters that pop! Squishy Pops come in a Gravity PDQ Display. Each display contains 62 capsules. 


*Note* Each capsule contains one mystery Squishy Pop character. We cannot predetermine which character you will receive in each capsule.