Cars 3 Mashems Display

Cars 3 Mash'ems - 35 Piece PDQ Display

Price: $139.99
Total: $139.99
Item #: 50645-D
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UPC: 673534506456
Product Dimensions: 8.38" H x 5.75" W x 5.75" L

Mash'ems are a highly collectible toy that all kids will love! Hidden inside capsules, they are great for impulse buys & the thrill of a concealed mystery item. The capsule doubles as a carrying case. Kids will be able to mash'em, twist'em, squish'em & pull'em. Mash'ems come in a Gravity PDQ Display. Each display contains 35 capsules. 


*Note* Each capsule contains one mystery Mash'ems character. We cannot predetermine which character you will receive in each capsule.